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VALiNTRY360 has given us exceptional service. The first thing they did was listen on how we do business, they asked questions, they made suggestions, they worked diligently to keep us on track. We now have a workable Salesforce and CPQ product. Professional and Knowledgeable are the two words I would use to describe them.

I found VALiNTRY a few weeks ago on Google. They’ve been tremendously helpful in my job search. I haven’t found a good fit yet, but they have been extremely supportive, knowledgable, and responsive every step of the way.

Keep providing excellent service, even to entry-level workers. It puts you ahead of the other recruiters.

They went above and beyond to make sure my interests were protected and put at the forefront. I can’t thank them enough for the work they put in to get me the perfect position.

I’ve worked for them for about 6 months now. I’m located in a different state so all my contact with them has been over the phone/email but that has never been a problem. They are always very prompt to reply when I’ve talked to them and helpful in getting timely answers to any questions. I would certainly recommend them to anybody looking for an agency to sign on with.

YOU + VALiNTRY360 = Salesforce Success

Valintry’s assessment was extremely enlightening. It validated areas we knew were in need of attention and exposed some that were totally off our radar. Their work has set the sales ops agenda for us this year, and are looking forward to addressing each challenge to help us run a more efficient and effective sales and marketing organization.

Working with the team at VALiNTRY was great! They were able to leverage their knowledge of healthcare and help us customize our Salesforce Health Cloud environment as well as our High Velocity Sales package. Would definitely recommend them as they were really nice, easy to work with, offered support, and enabled us to get the most out of our Salesforce instance. Our business is now growing much faster because of what VALiNTRY helped us build.

My biggest fear in starting this project was what I didn’t know. I needed to represent our company and business processes, that part was easy; but how [Salesforce] would tie in and aid in our growth, that was the unknown for me. [VALiNTRY360] partnered with me, learned our business, challenged me while allowing me to challenged [them] too. I quickly learned I didn’t need to understand everything [SFDC] to make this implementation a success. Finding the right partner that is willing to roll up their sleeves, learn alongside you, listen to you, and coach you when needed is the secret to success.

I see VALiNTRY as a high knowledge “Subject Matter Expert” on Salesforce, [they] added value to all our Salesforce effort activities. We will definitely use VALiNTRY as our new Salesforce Business Partner!

The experience with [VALiNTRY] has been exceptional.  My team would attest to the fact that I have very high expectations and [VALiNTRY] exceeded them every step of the way.  I’m really excited about what [they] made for us and looking forward to operationalizing it!

I own a… professional services firm and have very high expectations for other professional services firms that we engage. VALiNTRY360 exceeded my expectations throughout every step of the process. The team was very knowledgeable and was able to leverage their experience to help tailor our implementation so that all of our business requirements we’re met. We’ve already engaged them for additional work and I consider them an outstanding partner.

We have used VALiNTRY360 for the past few months to help develop a functioning Salesforce system for a group of people who have never used it before. The customer service and patience [they have] provided has been nothing short of exceptional. [They do] not take the easiest way to fix individual problems, but really dive into the reasoning behind the problem, and choose the solution that makes the most sense in the future.

The team at VALiNTRY is excellent!! As lead on the CRM selection and implementation project for the Alumni Department at my University I knew what we needed to accomplish but had no CRM or technical experience. From the first meeting with the VALiNTRY team I was confident that they had the expertise for a successful CRM implementation, and the people skills to effectively bridge the gap between our technical team, and our end users. I was especially grateful for their listening to our needs then recommending SalesForce as the best solution. We are extremely satisfied with the product and its deployment. Tamekia kept us on track with her very timely milestone reminders, and Timmy, Andrew, Jory and the rest of the team ensured that we were up and running in record time and within budget. The ongoing support we receive from VALiNTRY for everything from complex integration to simple day-to-day operational questions has been exceptional.

Jory at VALiNTRY was great to work with. He listened to our ideas and helped to turn them into a functioning product. He was available for questions and calls when we needed input. Thanks to their expertise, knowledge and skills, we now have a new tool that is already saving us time and helping to make us more productive.
Thank you Jory & VALiNTRY!

Valintry provided excellent and very thorough leadership and support when we integrated Pardot with our existing marketing strategy. I could not have been more please will the level of effort and communication [the] team provided during the process.

Valintry went above and beyond to ensure our switch to Salesforce seamless and painless. [They] tailored Salesforce to fit our needs and wants and walked us through every step of the process. We could not be happier with the result!

VALiNTRY made the entire onboarding process seamless. Their communication is top-notch and they listen to what you want to do. They come back with suggestions and help you get set up so it helps your company!!

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